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Need A Break Inc. is dedicated to restoring hope for every individual and family affected by violence, drugs and poverty.With our commitment to help, individuals and families strengthen their life management skills to succeed in their goals, and get a fresh start, the break that is greatly needed to meet life's expectations.

We accomplish this by providing exemplary emotional support for those wanting to exhale to a fresh start in life. Our Counselors are State certified Licensed Social Workers LSW,LCSW,LMSW-ACP, etc. ready to work with people in crisis. Our qualified staff will assist with relief of:

  • Poverty

  • Domestic Abuse

  • Homeless

  • Unsafe environment,

  • Low self-esteem,

  • Reaching goals that you may not handle on your own.

By providing these services, we hope this will help people find everything they need to achieve their goals.

Break the Silence and help your sister, friend, and neighbor's Click here for signs of Domestic Violence.

Its time to END the Violence and assist people living in poverty break the silence. If you share this passion, please consider making a donation to help us continue our efforts to raise awareness about this pervasive problem help NAB provide resources for woman, children, teens, and seniors wanting to Exhale to New Life a life free of violence.

Make a secure tax deductible contribution to

Need-A-Break Inc.

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See below reasons for donations and our financial expenses:

  • Moving and transportation costs for victims who are fleeing, such as plane, train or bus tickets, U-Haul rentals, hotels;

  • Rent and security deposits

  • Utilities, utility deposits and phone connections

  • Furniture, appliances, clothing and other household goods;

  • Child-Care

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