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Funding regarding  Need A Break's Texas Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program (TEMAP) has expended. Applications are not being accepted here. Please refer your Mortgage assistance questions and concerns to the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs @ and review the application guidelines about the Homeowners Assistance Funds (HAF)


                                                                                   NEED A BREAK INC.

P.O. Box  764203

Dallas, Texas 75376-4203


Need A Break Inc. Community Advocate

4347 S. Hampton Road Suite 243

Dallas, Texas 75232

The new mortgage assistance program is currently under development and is not yet taking applications.

Join: TDHCA email list for program announcements and to learn when the application portal opens.

After, January 21, 2020.The U.S. Department of the Treasury (Treasury) has posted guidance on HAF at

Homeowners Assistance Fund (HAF) will provide assistance to eligible homeowners to help avoid mortgage delinquencies, defaults, foreclosures, and help prevent the displacement of homeowners experiencing financial hardship.

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